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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Its Okie...

Its ok to be confused. Its ok to feel insecure, uncertain, lonely, foolish and miserable. Believe it or not every body from time to time feels this way. Some people always do. You have to shake up and move on.

Plan for the future but most importantly live in the moment and count your blessings. Do whatever you do passionately. Put all your heart and soul into it. As Robin Sharma said, even if you are a sweeper, sweep as though you are the Micheal Angelo of your profession.

Have a cheerful disposition. Have a song in your heart. Don't ever ever forget that you go through so much in your life just for one main goal - To be happy. So be happy. When in any kind of stupid, painful, embarrassing, sorrowful time, think of people who are going through worse patches in life. You will feel better. Have nerves made of steel and hearts that never quake. Do not let anybody put you down. No matter who and no matter what!

Don't cheat and don't let anybody cheat you. You don't have to be rude, but there is always a smart way out. There IS..Always!!!Go after what you want in life. If there is something that you truly desire for - TRULY!! nothing can stop you. The only person who sets boundaries is you.

Spend your time wisely and efficiently. Don't ever regret what you did but always aim to go higher, to do more. Laze around a bit too - while you can afford to do it. Your spirit and soul is entirely yours. Let it soar and fly. Let it spread like a colorful rainbow all across the sky.

Don't forget to give back. Give back every day, day after day. In the whole entire world, it is the most fulfilling and gratifying feeling to do something for the people you love and for the society at large. Give back all that you got from this world and much more before you leave.

Life will always be a roller coaster ride. There will be good days and bad days. But years later when you look back, you should see yourself standing tall through the thick and thin. To have walked all through this with poise, dignity and honor. To have left foot prints for the future generation to follow. To have made an impact!

Oh! before I forget, have an amazing sense of humor. Think you are in an episode of 'Friends'. Shit happens! Laugh it off. Life will become so much easier and lighter.

And that is the gyan I have to give today :)
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