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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Math tuition teacher

I do not know how I get myself into such things but somehow I do. I had met a family at the Indo-Dutch Holi function (an Indian festival celebration). The lady was Tamil (south of India) and her husband was a Punjabi (north west of India). We talked well and promised to keep in touch. After a few days she mailed me saying that her daughter was in the last year of her high school and her final examinations were due in a month's time. She desperately needed some help in math. Having not brushed my math skills for several years I wasn't too sure. The girl needed strong guidance right away and I absolutely did not want to mess up her high school final exams. I tried to reason with her that perhaps it was not such a good idea. She seemed to have more confidence in me than me myself though! She asked me to give it a shot and if it did not work out then she would call it off. 

Now, I had my own doubts about high school girls brought up in the western world. Its just the kind of impression that the American movies and soaps have left on me. And plus what if I had forgotten all my math? I was pretty nervous actually. My Tamil friend picked me up and we went to their beautiful Dutch house for a dinner and our first tuition. Amidst all the home cooked food she treated me with, I met her elder daughter and within a few minutes of talking I knew I would be teaching the girl math (no! it wasn't all about the food). For some reason she reminded me of me sooooo much! We connected instantly!  The same kind of nervous, little blundering, absent minded, saying sorry a million times girl she was. Very very sweet and absolutely polite!(okie,I agree the second part may not necessarily apply to me..:)).  

So that was it. Then began one month of intense math tuitions. My math did come back to me and I tried my best to help her amidst my own tight schedule (err..sleeping and more sleeping). I think the whole deal was as good for me as it was to her. They treated me like family and almost every time I went there, I had awesome Indian food to eat. They would even pack me some for the next day!I also got a good look of how a successful intercultural Indian marriage would work. The kids were cultured and very much Indian. I realized when your basis is strong, language, food,  religion and even the place you live in does not matter. 

Sigh!! Her exams are done and I will keep my fingers crossed till she gets her results. I am sure she is glad that the tution sessions are over, but I do wish it had lasted longer!

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