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Monday, December 9, 2013

If I could banish one thing from this planet....Rape!

I imagine for a second that I am God and I have the absolute power to abolish something from my own creation, a mistake I made. What would that be? Now, I did see Elysium. But mankind is greedy and stupid. How could he imagine that I would banish death. Have you ever thought of actually living an endless life? How futile would that be!

Haha..that was fun, acting like God. Well, but seriously if I had that kind of power the one thing that I would banish would be rape. I am sure, most people would have heard of the rape incidents in India in the past few months. I felt like a sinking piece of metal as I read about them. Something that ashamed and saddened me to no ends. And the question that kept coming into my mind again and again at this cruel, sadistic deed was - Why? Why would anyone do this? Is this something designed in our biology? What forces men to do this?

There could be a whole lot of debate and discussion on this. But this what it comes to. I have listed out the factors that I think are the root cause of this evil in that order:

Male chauvinistic society with suppressed women

Extreme competition between men (economically/socially/physically) to prove their worth and extreme suppression

Man's dominance over women (physically/socially/economically), a way to ascertain his masculinity

Disastrous situations --> rape

Problem made stronger by weak laws

Continues on as a heritage - vicious loop!

Top all of the above with the fact that man is genetically wired to spread his seeds across as much as possible, whereas a woman to only receive, bear the pain, deliver and nurture.

I read  a very very interesting article here from a leading daily in India, The Hindu. It talks about how some other mammals are also known to rape, but the cruelty involved may be more characteristic of us pathetic humans. It also says that some native human tribes known for brutal wars and other masculine attributes, have zero instances of rape because of the inherent respect and equality that women of the tribe enjoy. Food for thought?

Perhaps our "Man"kind would be "kind" enough to think this through?

NaBloPoMo December 2013
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