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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vinayaka Chaturthi

For the first time after coming to Vancouver, I celebrated a festival authentically with fellow desis. It was a sudden plan made by some Indian friends and I was invited too. Contemplated several times on whether I should venture upon making the ever intimidating mango custard ( having successfully burnt the whole thing for 2 times continuously) and make other people go through the pain of eating it..haha...then boldly decided that this time, I will get it right.

The decorations were simple yet elegant and some how most of the people showed up. I suddenly felt really nice..that warm feeling you have at home when amma all dressed up in her red madisar, with flowers in her hair, the mixed smell of agarbatti, sambrani and the naivaithyam...hmm..smells good...

I didn't expect any recitals as such but surprisingly some of the geeky seemed rather good at it. There's something about these mantras. Its hard to explain for me, but even though I really don't understand it, it makes me feel so nostalgic and someting stirs inside me, its a divine connection I guess...;)

The pooja was over, we all offered our prayers, had prashad and left home. oh! my mango custard turned out decently, I forgot to add sugar this time though..:D...

Gymming yeah!!! :)

After proudly announcing that I will not give up on running, I backed out quietly in less than a week. My major problem is that I get bored out of my skin just running ( and yes am not good at it as well :-|)....But but but, I have made a sincere effort towards going to the gym and yes, for the past month I have successfully been at it for 2-3 days a week. I have slowly improved my time in the gym from a pathetic 10 - 15 mts to a decent 45 minutes. And... in my opinion is the best part is...I am beginning to like it....:-)...Hooray for me!!
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