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Monday, March 16, 2009


I had desperately looked for any Indian Association that existed in the city of Eindhoven and found essentially only one - The Indo-Dutch Association. I had mailed them a long time back and had not received any response at that point. But they did put me in their list and invited me for their Holi celebrations.

It was a potluck event with havan, gana bajana, food and of course colors. Now I am not sure if they are psychic but they seemed to know about my cooking skills and had asked me to bring juice...:D

The event was at a Shiva temple and it felt quite good to attend a havan after a looong time. I sang all the bhajans that I knew and din't loudly and crooned cheerfully...It was a gathering of about 10 - 15 families. Now, I must say North Indians know how to celebrate in style. After the havan they made sure "Everybody" danced to the Amitabh wala "Rang Barse" song. It was real fun!

I was waiting like crazy for the food part. I literally ate like a pig. I was not even shy to ask if I could have a second serving and a third and actually even a fourth!!! hahah!! some of the people must have thought I was starving or something...hehe...

We made good friends with lot of families and some have promised to call us home for lunch/dinner ( I most certainly hope that they do!!). We had biked almost half hour (plus 15 mts of being lost). Riding back home fully covered in colors in the middle of the night, it was hillarious to watch the expression on some of the Dutch guys riding along side...:D...

That I almost had a nightmare cleaning up all the mess that the colors made in my home, is another story.

My sister always kids me saying how I seem to have a very good memory remembering the food that I had eaten at various events even if I cant remember absolutely any thing else!! Well, this will definitely be one of those events!! :DDD
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