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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Watchmen - Alan Moore (Illustration - Dave Gibbons)

I got this book at random will just to read something light and easy. Boy was I surprised at the outcome! Watchmen is on the list of Time's top 100 novels of all times and I was not disappointed.

Imagine a bunch of costumed super-heroes. One would immediately think of Spidey and Batty and the lot. What happens to them as they grow old though? What happens if Spidey and Batty got into a fight? Or if they just got bored of their job? Well Watchmen is a story of such super heroes and their lives outside of just being great and strong and all goody goody. It is about their weaknesses, vulnerabilities and their not so super heroic sides. The story is set in the 1980s about an impending World War III and how our super heroes save the day yet again..or do they actually? That is the question.

I simply loved the novel and just couldn't put it down. And the graphics! Rich graphics! It just enhances the reading experience so much. I must say that in some sense it limits your mind by already feeding it with images but its just a different experience altogether.  I am not sure if the subject as such is everybody's cup of tea, but just give it a shot.

Grab the book! The only question I have is where can I find more???  

Monday, November 7, 2011

Friday Fragments - 4th November

Heyylooo! Here I am back with my weekly ritual of unloading. Its been 3 long weeks since the last Friday Fragments. So here's what has been happening.

---) We visited my cousin's place in Virginia and headed towards Luray Caverns and Shenondoah Valley.
 Stalactites - hold on 'tight' to roof and Stalagmites - 'might' reach the sky - the guide told us how to remember which is which 

Dark Hollow Falls at Shenondoah Valley

The entry fee to the Luray caverns in quite steep - $23 each, but once you are there what choice do you have right?

---) Two great friends of mine from Netherlands and Canada visited me in the same week. I am becoming a better NYC tourist guide day by day! :-) Two cool things happened when in NYC with my NL friend. 

One - We both could swear we saw SnoopDogg in the metro! Nobody even realized it man! We kept staring at him until he walked off at some station. 
Two - We were standing outside a restaurant in downtown Manhattan trying to figure out where we were and there was this guy all suited up standing right next to us and fidgeting. Within minutes 2 shady looking guys came and handed him a small packet. In exchange the guy in the suit gave them a big bundle of rolled up cash and left in a hurry. It was like a scene out of CSI NY!!! We looked around to check if cameras were rolling somewhere. But No! Hmmmm....

With my friend from Canada, I still can't believe how we managed to talk non-stop for most part of the day! The day flew away so quickly! 

---) Diwali the festival of lights co-incided with my b'day this year. We went to Pennsylvania to celebrate it with some friends. We were all dressed up in traditional clothes and did like 101 poses in front of the camera. :-) 

---) My sister sent us some home-made sweets and savories all the way from Canada. Hubby who barely touches most of the sweets, fought with me for the last one. We want mooreeeee! Are you listening  sis :-D? 

---) Whats with the crazy snow storm last week? NJ faced incredible snow fall with quite serious power cuts and falling trees everywhere. The houses just next block had power shutdowns for upto 4 days!!!! We barely escaped! They even shifted the Halloween trick or treating days in some neighborhoods here. 

---) I got an amazing pair of boots last Saturday - weather proof, furry and all...Just in case :-) 

Do join Mrs. 4444 for the Friday Fragments fun by clicking the button below! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Eat Pray Love - Elizabeth Gilbert

This book had been in much discussion in 2010 so decided to pick it up from the library. I read it within two 5 hour flight trips I took recently - which is rarity  these days as I seem to be reading multiple books for several months together with no signs of completing most of them soon :).

The author talks about her own real life in this book. Liz Gilbert has everything that a woman of her age could possibly want - a husband, a house and a career. Somewhere in her mid-life though she begins to wonder whether if all this is what she actually wants or has she been living a life that the society accepts as "normal" enough. A messy divorce and a messier affair later, she decides to take a break from everything.

Liz sets off to three countries - Italy, India and Indonesia over a period of a year to get a new perspective of things. In Italy she discovers the pleasure of food and as the Italians say the "art of doing nothing", in India she spends all her time in an Ashram where she meditates for inner peace and in Indonesia she looks to bring a balance between a normal life while holding on to her spiritual side. How she completes the journey forms the crux of the book.

The book is fascinating in several ways. Liz feels the pulse of the world and her descriptions of places are not "tourist book" type, rather on how she relates to a place/person making things really interesting. I found the India part of her book quite interesting. Her experiences with meditation and prayers are intriguing though I must warn you if you are someone how thinks meditation is an excuse for people to sleep longer, then some details may actually help you get initiated into "meditation" :). If Bali is as beautiful as the author describes, I would want to live there someday!

A good dose of "spiritual/wake up call" book of modern times.  
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