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Monday, July 6, 2009

Circle complete!

Yesterday I finally completed the circle which began in Arizona, USA passed through Vancouver, Canada; Chennai, India and finally ended in Nijmegen, Netherlands. I mentioned before about the rather interesting turn of events that led me to the Netherlands. In short I finally met the woman with the same weird complicated name that I have, with whom a Dutch professor fell in love and married and who after many many years came to Arizona for a conference where out of curiosity over the similar name that I have as his wife started talking to me and after many many months convinced me to study further in the Netherlands. There, thats a one sentence summary! :)

So yesterday I was invited by this professor to his home for dinner and I finally met the lady whose name without her slightest knowledge had such a change in my life! :). Now, before I continue, I have to mention that Indians are a rather complicated sub form amidst the homo sapiens. Our culture even within different parts of India is so distinctly unique and framed that to this day we struggle to cut across boundaries within home land. So when I first heard about a south Indian woman marrying a Dutch man, it sounded unbelievable. I was immensely curious to know what guts the woman had to make such a decision in life (India, couple of decades back was even more orthodox) and what she thought of it today.

Well, somehow I really din't get a chance to ask her any of that with the other people around. But two beautiful kids, a wonderful Indian dinner which lasted for over 3 hours with all of us talking at the same time, with the professor knowing more about India than any of us, his Indian wife talking in perfect Dutch and above all their constant laughter said it all.

I still can't believe the kind of sacrifices that both of them would have made for such a life, especially the woman! I can never possibly even imagine that. To all you women who had the courage to move out of our countries for love, I take a bow. :)
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