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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Midnight Intruder

I was happily asleep yesterday night and having a rather amusing dream in fact, which had my friends from India, Canada and the Netherlands in it. It had me writing a Dutch language exam with my Canadian friends and Indian friends and I was in a hurry to leave early as I was preparing a traditional south Indian dinner in Chennai! And an American friend from here was helping me cook wearing a 'veshti'(a traditional wear)!!!The dream was so fantastic and vivid that I still remember some details of it.

So, happy as I was having this wonderful dream, I vaguely remembered the calling bell go. Not being a heavy sleeper, I got up confused as I wasn't sure if I was in the dream or in my room. And then the bell rang again! Was it morning already?? I realized I was still very much in Eindhoven and checked the time - 2:30am. Its amazing how adrenaline works! It can bring a person from semi-comatose to "Attention!!" in seconds :). It dawned on me that some body was pounding on my door in the middle of the night!

I tried to be cool and yelled to ask who it was. None of my friends would do that without calling me or informing me before hand. Who the heck was it? No Reply!! My door doesn't have a glass to peep outside or any safety chain, so I firmly decided not to open it at any cost. The pounding continued and I was freaking out! I frantically looked around for what I could use as a weapon (ya, thats how my brain works! :D) and was considering what I should do because the person or persons outside kept banging at my door.

I quickly decided to call this guy I know who lives right next door to check who was banging at mine. I dialed his number nervously, but as I suspected he was probably in much deeper comatose than me to even wake up at the phone's ring. Just as I was getting really nervous, the pounding stopped as suddenly as it had begun.

I ran by the window and closed all the curtains and peeped into the streets to see who it was. No sign of anybody!hmmm....God I couldn't sleep for quite some time after that! I rattled my brain over who did that and why. The only logical conclusion that I came to was that some drunk student must have knocked my door thinking it was his friend's and then must have realized his stupidity and left. Sigh! I hope thats it.:-|

Note to Intruder - Well, if you decide to come by tonight "Mr/Ms Loose Character", I have some surprises waiting for you. Did I mention anytime before I have a karate black belt?
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