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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Indian Day at TU/e

The Indian community at TU/e is quite low keyed, but even then when compared to other international communities, there is a good strong group of Indians here. When I reached Eindhoven, I tried to figure out if an Indian Students Association existed or not. There was a group made a few years back and then given up, and I felt there really wasn't much that I could do as the University does not support any such groups.

The University suddenly did decide to sponsor an introduction event for just the Indian community but we had to plan, organize and conduct it ourselves. And what happens when an almost unknown group of Indians come together to do something? Chaos!! :D...Oh God, it was hillarious to see how a small event can test so many people's patience. I with prior experience of being in such a community and having in the process received several such "bulbs"(enlightening moments) remained relatively calm! ahem!! :) (pat on my shoulders)

Till the last day, no body was sure how things would turn out. But as ever, the Indians did land up at the event (free food can do wonders) and everybody had fun in their own way. I MC'd the event and din't care for the first time about anything. I have to say there is such comfort in being with your own people. I was at complete peace and chatted with absolute strangers with ease. Our Dutch chief guest and his wife seemed to like it too. They did not leave the event till the very end! They even danced to a couple of bollywood songs. Fun over all!! :)Oh and need less to say I ate like crazy, the food being free and all...:D
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