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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day13: Five famous men I find incredibly attractive

I am skipping two days to keep up pace with August Blogging Marathon. Haha! This is one's gonna make some one jealoussss!

This is in no particular order and is probably as cheesy as it can get :-)

Gordon Ramsay, the super chef who uses the 'f' word like it were a part of his breathing rhythm portrays a hard exterior and soft interior. Sigh, even I feel like joining a cooking show. Though God knows, I would probably get into America's worst cooks. 

Surya! My undergrad days heart throb! He made many of us South Indian gals swoon.

Gosh! Prince William was perhaps my first major crush ever!

The 4th on this list is a fictional character, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. Such men can rarely ever exist in true life and that's why generations of women love him. 

The final hunk on my list is someone whom I had to include in the list after many a threats, treats, bribes and occasional breakfast in bed - my husband of course! Love you..You are the best! Well, he is really famous in my world so that still counts :-)

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