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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Space Box , Eindhoven First impressions

So, here I am living a completely new life, in a different country, in a different continent for that matter. So, after living all my life in India and about 2 and a half years in Canada, I am here now in the Netherlands since 2nd January 2009. I am doing my post Master's in the department of Applied Physics at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

I live in these small container like apartments called the Space Box within the campus. I like them, no matter what other people say or think, I feel they are quite convenient for me. The kitchen is a little small, but for the amount of cooking I do, I think it is more than enough!!:)...It is a completely furnished apartment.

Well, my first impression of Eindhoven was pretty good. People are friendly and most of them can speak in English. They are helpful and polite. The Indian population is pretty less when compared to N.America, at least in Eindhoven. I lived at the Hotel Corso for the first 2 days. The hotel is decent, but they charge 50Euro per day and is definitely not worth the money.But hey, I din't pay for it, so....

Couple of things that immediately struck me here was that the hotels and houses have extremely narrow staircases..its as though they want you to fall!! I found it extremely unusual. Talking about unusual, the Dutch toilets are pretty odd too...God only knows why they have this weirdly designed toilet bowls which forces one to see what they most certainly don't want to. Some people suggest it is this strong intention that the Dutch have to keep the land above water at all times....!!! I found it rather amusing actually!! :D

I came to the Netherlands on a Friday and so when Sunday arrived, I suddenly felt like the whole city of Eindhoven had gone to hibernate! It was completely dead. All shops, almost everything is closed on Sundays.

I moved to the on-campus space box on Monday. It had snowed like crazy Sunday night! I heard this has been one of the worst winters in decades. hmmm...when I went to Vancouver in 2006, they told me the same thing!! I wonder if it is me!Well, Anyways....New life, here I come!! :D

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