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Monday, September 7, 2009

I can pick bike locks!

So here goes another of my 'one of a kind' stupid situations. I have a pretty run down bike which I out of desperation bought in an over prized second hand shop. The regular lock attached to the back wheel has been sort of semi ripped off, the lock exists but I don't have the keys. So I usually just lock my bike with a chain. I had taken the violet cutie out for a ride about 3-4 kms away from my house when I received a phone call. I stopped seeing that it was a friend, locked my bike up a lamp post and sat on nearby bench and chatted on

After quite some time I got up, walked up to my bike and I don't know what got into me, I suddenly wanted to check if the original lock of bike worked or not and without thinking for a second, I locked it! Ahhh!! Stom! I was in the middle of some place with a locked bike. I desperately tried to shake it up and down to somehow loosen it. People passing by were giving me the suspicious looks. I was losing hope and was beginning to wonder how I was going to haul my bike to my place. I stopped for a few seconds and actually thought what I should do. I took out my thinnest key and tried to insert it into the small openeing in the lock, where the key hole should have been. I jammed it in as far as it went in and kept trying to unlock it again. 2-3 minutes and voila! The lock opened.

The smartest thing I did in a long long time..:D
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