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Sunday, October 12, 2008

pappu goes clubbing!!!:)

I think Vancouver has changed me a lot. From being the ultra conservative, ' people who drink and smoke are bad' attitude, I have turned into quite an open minded person. (At least I think I am :))I still remember my first entry into a pub, a local one within the campus - Koerner's pub. Four of us had gone there not even to drink but to play pool and I was sooooo hesitant initially. It was a fun night actually. On hind sight, I think sometimes we tend to set boundaries without even actually knowing why. One such strong set boundary was going to a club, which got further strong after hearing several weird stories and people suggesting that only extremely well dressed ( less clothed as in!!) are allowed inside and of course my own imagination in full swing.

After two years in Vancouver, the guys convinced us that we must go and see what the whole deal is about. Not too convinced me and my roomie went to a popular club in Vancity - Caprice, with 6 male escorts...haha...I meant our good friends...Well, we were damn lucky to get ticktes to get into the club. And whhooop! we were inside in 5 minutes. The bouncer din't give a damn about how we were dressed. Okie, hey I was well dressed actually....:p we were in and a little early. But we got a pretty good idea of what was going to happen. Slowly people started hitting the dance floor and within minutes we were on too....I felt a little weird intially as I always do when I am dancing. But then I stopped thinking and blended with the music and I felt damn good...( Okie that is my perspective, no idea about people giggling at my dance).

hehe...I did sneak peak into what everybody else was doing though...technically not sneaking becuase they were pretty much going for it right in the middle of the dance floor....well I think this is the basic funda in a club...skimpily clad girls ( well mostly ) and heavily loaded guys get in. Pretty much everybody gets sooper drunk and the guys and girls in the name of dance make out with their boy friends, known person, vauely known person and/or randomly selected person ( desi guys do wish this was similar to the US immigartion clearance ). Basically at that stage of drunkeness I guess a person doesnt even know what they are doing. It was actually funny watching this though. I must admit, girls are more agressive than guys. They dash around and do REally strange things to attract somebody's attention.

Well, the desis trotted around in our own safe circle. Since we were such a big group, nobody really messed with us. Plus we really din't want to prove anything to anybody. The best part was when we all suddenly decided to do a bhangra move for an english song!!! It was hillarious. The people on the dance floor (atleast the slightly sober ones) stared at us. :DD. On my part I had amaazzzing fun. I danced like crazy, watched people around me, completely aware of what was happening and felt in a calm way extremely strong for being so fully in control of myself. :)I don't know why, but it felt good. We danced so much that I actually felt my body ache.

Oh! and I guess, a clubbing night is not complete without atleast 2 fist fights, 1 cat fight and a few bottles smashed around and the security gaurds throwing out a few couples.

hmmm...its a jungle out there...not advisable for girls, actually even for guys to go alone to a club if all they want to do is dance. Careful observers enjoy though...haha!!!

One thing I pondered over is that right now my fundameter tells me that it is okie if guys/girls want to go clubbing once in a while. I mean they would probably drink, stare, venture out a bit and have fun...but I definitely dont have much respect for people completely sloshed and going for it with random people. Hmmm...IT IS a jungle out there....
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