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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day7: Obsession with Zodiac Signs?

Day 7 of the August Marathon. Am I obsessed with zodiac signs? I was to some extent when I was much younger and first got to understand what the whole deal was. I was fascinated by my sign Scorpio and have obsessed over whether or not I have what it takes to be one. I have read over daily forecasts and have desperately tried to match it with what actually happened on a particular day, always looking for some mysterious hints.

Only after a sometime I realized that as I read the qualities of other signs, I could actually picture myself into most of those qualities. And the daily horoscopes are so general and vague that one could apply it to absolutely anything and everything.

So in short, zodiac signs are just some old fashioned mumbo jumbo in my opinion. Sure, sometimes if I am flipping through a magazine, I would definitely look over the daily/weekly horoscope section, just for some kicks. I used to read the ones from this site with some interest (in the days when iGoogle was popular). 
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