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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fighting Loneliness

I decided to do something before I turn crazy. Thank God for for small favors!! The sports center is 5 mts from my home. Ahem!! and my ambitious schedule -

Monday - Badminton class
Tuesday - Pilates
Wednesday - Swimming class
Thursday - Badminton
Friday - Gym
Sat/Sun - Biking

Well, as ever, I am good at planning lets see how far I stick to this plan. So far I manage to do 3-4 of these things every week. And I must say, man! the days I feel a little low, it feels pretty good after working out a bit. Swimming classes are almost a rewind of my swimming classes as a kid. The entire group that started with me (and after) can actually swim now! I am still stuck with the float!! :D..But I am like hey! whatever! whenever my body gets comfortable with the water. No pressures!!

Badminton classes are awesome!am actually learning to improve my game and the Pilates classes are stretching me out in places where I din't even know you are supposed to stretch!! haha!! My muscles ache and I enter the lala land the second my head sinks into the pillow. I am finally sleeping well!! :)

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