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Friday, April 17, 2009


Its funny sometimes how everything can go wrong in a day! So for my first official trip in the Netherlands I decided to go out with a group of Indians, half of whom I knew, to some kind of a theme park. Now,all the decisions were made by the other guys and I assumed since they had been living here for about 2 years, they would know what the plan was and where we were heading. haha..nice try!

To begin with it was a rainy and cold day! After traveling for about 21/2 hrs we ended up going to a "kids" theme park (Koningin park) where the seats to the rides wouldn't even fit teenagers. It was strictly a theme park for '10 years and younger' kids. Everything was miniature and I felt like the giant in "gullivar tarvels".God, was it stupid! The kids were literally staring at us. And as if that wasn't enough one of my friends screamed on top of her voice and literally freaked out when we went on the 'miniature' roller coaster. :D...the whole situation finally cracked me up!! Not knowing what else to do and almost every single one of us equipped with some sort of a camera, there was a huge picture taking session of everything! I attacked the free coffee machine there with vengeance and tried to drink as many coffees as possible to compensate for the ticket...sigh! At least I had packed my lunch!

We just couldn't stay there for more than 2 hours( including several several several photo sessions). Then a guy suggested that we go to this place famous for its windmills called Volendam. We had a ticket for unlimited travel around the Netherlands by train that day. After another loong loong journey and after getting lost several times, we reached this place in the middle of nowhere. We ended up in a completely wrong place and there were absolutely no windmills there!! grrr..By this time I was half considering going back to Eindhoven on my own.We roamed around aimlessly, ate some food that we bought off the supermarket by the side of the ocean. What next? Another photo session. I did some local shop hopping...and it was time to go again...

Next we went to was late in the evening...Amsterdam on that day was so packed! It reminded me of T.Nagar in Chennai (a super crowded shopping area). There was a football match between Scotland and the Netherlands..The streets were brimming with men in orange and skirts, drinking beer. There was such merriment everywhere around. I actually liked the last part the best..:)..We decided that since everything that day had gone so wonderfully well, we should celebrate by going to an Indian restaurant - Gandhi. My first visit to a restaurant in the Netherlands. The food was actually much cheaper than in Eindhoven. I don't know if it was because I was so exhausted but the food tasted awesome! We got back into the train to Eindhoven. Actually everybody seemed to be in their highest spirits while going back. We played cards all the while. phew! what a day! Oh, did I mention I had motion sickness all the while we were traveling (which was about the entire trip), a guy lost his mobile phone on the way and I didn't gel into the group at all. Well that should sum up the trip. :)

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geronimo said...

Please, please turn the date off in your photos :)

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