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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thursday night outs

To create a more social atmosphere between the colleagues working in our program, we have a monthly dinner at a fancy restaurant at the university called the University Club followed by brief presentations by students, just so that we know what everybody is working on. We generally have the dinner on Thursdays.

One of our colleagues having recently gotten a job wanted to celebrate so we decided to go out for a drink. It puzzles me why the Dutch students here always want to party on Thursday nights. What about Fridays? We still have work to do. I asked my Dutch colleague about it.Well, apparently students generally travel back to their homes on Fridays and are so particular about their family time that they do not want to ruin Friday evenings spending time with colleagues. I guess they still go to the bar but just with a closer set of people. :)

So we went to a bar to begin with and spent some time chatting. We talked about how the people here treat drugs with care. I am still amazed how the streets aren't filled with doped people. Nope! You wouldn't even know. To our Dutch friends staying in one bar wasn't enough. The streets being packed with bars, they wanted to move on to the next one soon. Well, I had work to do the next day. I came back home.


A Touch of Dutch said...

Great point! I wonder if this has anything to do with a lot of cities having Thursday evenings as "koopavond" [buying evening], where the stores stay open later?

Nicolás said...

I actually didn't have to work next day, but more than celebrating or going to another bar, I wanted to see what the Dutch guys' idea of partying was... specially when he literally told me "tonight, I'm gonna get you drunk".

Of course, in accordance to Dutch customs, at 1.30 he decided to go home and so we all did. It dissappointed me quite a bit. I was not drunk (I'm not fond of that... but I thought the Dutch guy would have been more successful), nor had I partied like I expected.

PS: That wasn't any celebration... the real thing is yet to come.

thamarai said...

@Touch of Dutch - Ya, must be so! I thought Fridays had longer opening hours too. Well, the Dutch know how to enjoy in an organized way I guess..:)

@Nicolas - haha!! I thought the idea was to be there till 4!! Hope you guys had fun dancing! :).Looking forward to the actual celebration..:D

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