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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snoozing Out!

I really can't believe its been almost a month since I posted anything. My new office has me sitting right in the middle of everybody in the room. Even if somebody doesn't intend to, they would end up watching what is on my computer screen. Plus, I don't want my new colleagues to know my goofy side, well not yet. To top it all off, the internet in my studio has been down for the past 2 weeks! After about 25 phone calls and a nasty email, the internet problem was resolved in about 3:42 mts since the guy set a finger on my laptop. Ah! well, things just happen I guess.

There were a few things I wanted to write about but a short summary of what I have been upto should do I guess.

A week long celebration of art and architecture. Parts of city were strategically lighted up - a play of colorful lights on buildings.

Birthday bash

with the b'day tie I drew out! :) and a Sinterklaas cake..


the incredible merriment that Sinterklaas (the Dutch version of Santa Claus) and his assistants Zwarte Piet ( black Pete) bring along....

And the vacation...

I am off to Chennai, my home city in India for a month in a week's time..Counting days...:)

Okie, now don't go imagining there are elephants on every street of my city, well! just on every second street..:p (kidding of course!)

**Picture Courtesy - Asish Pal


mub said...

Oh man, you've totally shattered my image of thinking everyone had elephants instead of cars ;) Have a great trip home!

~Lopa said...

Ohh finally, i was actually thinking where have you been lost...

So now we have a thing in common, i have a very similar desk in my office, right in between, everyone walking even for coffie, for meetings, coming in, going out can see my screen whether they want to or not to, doesnt matter.
And right now i opened your blog to read and same time a procurement guy popped on my desk from behind for a some details on project :( Aaah, i dont like this :(

Well, so vacation back home, cool... have a nice time back home and eat a lot ( yeah, dont really need to mention it, but that's the first thing which comes to my mind when think about back home ;) )

thamarai said...

Hey Mub, lol! :) thanks..

Lopa, arrey its actually sad yaar..why cant we get a more private table..:(...yes will definitely add on some kilos before I get back....and hey, I really like ur new profile picture..:)

~Lopa said...

Thanks Viji :)

When are you flying? And when will you be back?

EFRUTIK said...

It's good to hear from you and that everything is well. I know exactly how you feel in terms of not being able to write for various reasons. I haven't written online in days...but it seems like I have tons of ideas and thoughts to spill out in my head. I guess just have to find the time and genuine desire to put it up on my page.

So the office/desk situation. Hmmm it is funny I thought most offices had decent sitting where ppl. have their own space (in US it is usually "the cubicle"). I guess it is an international thing that a seat could be in the middle of an office! I am fortunate my desk is in the corner of the office away from everyone but one person whose back is facing my back. The only problem is that I would have no clue if anyone is coming over to my corner unless they say something as they are walking to my desk. But that's ok...I still love my semi/privacy, although I do have this fear that they might move me around some place.
As for your trip! I wish you the best of rest and reunion in India. I'm sure you have missed it and would love to go back "home". Enjoy it and have a wonderful stay there :)

P.S. I would ride on an elephant instead of my car at least once a week ;)

Anita said...

I know what you mean about not showing your "goofy side". Fortunately no job giver in the world will be ever able to relate my real person to my blog. Well, have a nice time home and I wanna see you blogging soon again !

thamarai said...

Lopa, hey I am leaving this saturday and will be back be back on 15th Jan..:)..About a month..:D..I am flying from Frankfurt have to travel all the way..

Efruik, you lucky girl..I envy that privacy...I really look forward to read your ideas on your blog..thanks a lot for your wishes..I hope you have a relaxing Christmas holidays as well..I will buy a baby elephant for you when I come back..;)

Anita, thanks for your wishes, you have a great Christmas and new year as well..I am hoping to blog some more when I get to India..

Akhi Di said...

hey viji.. Just realized its almost a yr since u started blogging..Happy Anniversary:)

thamarai said...

hey Akhi, true..I think I started blogging more seriously after coming here..:)..Thanks de!

Invader_Stu said...

I know what it is like. I'm lucky though. No one in my office can see my computer screen so I get away with blogging sometimes at the office if it is a slow day *cough*

thamarai said...

haha..Good for you Stuart..:)and come on, there most certainly are slow days every now and then..;)

Aledys Ver said...

Hi thamarai,
You've left for a holiday back home and I've just come back from mine!
Lovely photos - the art and architecture event in Eindhoven looks wonderful! I loved the Sinterklaas cake, too!
I hope you're having a wonderful time and I'm looking foward to reading your lovely posts again soon!

Anonymous said...

Happy Newyear!
Although it is no Diwali I will use this moment to wish you all the best!!

thamarai said...

Aledys, great to know of your come back! and I look forward to read yours too! :)

Anonymous, thanks!

A Touch of Dutch said...

What a great collection of photos! Wishing you the very best for 2010 :-)

thamarai said...

Isabella, thanks a lot! :)

Anonymous said...


GLOW is one of my favourite festivals in Eindhoven -- it's lovely to have something interesting to do in the evening. My review can be found at (2009; also some comments on 2008 at

- Nicole

PS. Wow, there are other bloggers in Eindhoven. We should have a meetup and show up the Randstad expat bloggers and their meetups ... :P

thamarai said...

Nicole, thanks for visiting my blog! I have actually been to your blog before!! :) Yes, it does feel good that there are other bloggers in Eindhoven...and indeed such small things like the GLOW make life so much more fun..:)

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