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Thursday, May 13, 2010

South Indian Eatout in Eindhoven

Sri Ganesh

The "News"spread like wild fire. Within a week most of the Indian population came to know of a new Indian restaurant in the city. The only other one in the city "Touch of India" is a touch too expensive for most of the student folk. So we had given up on eating any Indian food outside. Well, things have changed now. I went there 3 times last week :D.

On a Friday about 10 of us made a reservation and as I went in, I realized I knew most of the people inside. The place is run by a Sri Lankan family. The service was completely messy and the staff were totally caught off-guard by the jam packed crowd that bombarded the place. With constant chatter, babies crying and a Tamil, "mrudhangam" (drum beat) playing in the background, it felt close to home. We waited for 2 hours for the all of us to be served! But ah! it was their first week so we decided to give them few more chances.

Check out their funny way of spelling some of the Indian dishes. We had such a laugh :)
The food is very very nominally prized and tastes pretty good for that money. Imagine, Masala Dosa is 4.5 euro!! Within 10 euro you can have a grand meal! The place is open from Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 11pm. If you are in Eindhoven, a must visit at Kruisstraat 92a.

P.S - No, they did not pay me to do the advertisement..:)


Tami said...

Since I'm coming to Netherlands in August I think I'll try it! I love Indian food, even if in Italy it is quite expensive!

Nicole said...

There's also the Taj Mahal, which is just around the corner from Touch of India. In my opinion it's better, but they are both expensive.

I haven't heard about this place (it's on my side of town too), so I'll have to go try it out. Thanks for the tip!

Invader_Stu said...

I'll have to give it a try. the best Indian place I have found so far is the India Palace in Haarlem (no, they did not pay me to advertise either).

Lydia said...

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Anonymous said...

I have been to this restaurant twice. The first time taste of dishes was good but next time the same dishes taste so different !

I guess being new in business restaurant staff is not professional yet. Things they can improve

* Prompt service.
* Consistency in dishes with taste.
* Good serving manners. On same table one person gets starter while other gets dessert !
* Professional menu card with no mistakes and more description of the dishes.
* Good audible Indian music.

~ Lopa said...

Hey ... don't tell have a south Indian restaurant in Eindhoven?

There are quite a few not-so-good Indian restaurants in NL, and a very few better ones ( may be none really good ones hehe) but i have been trying to find a South-Indian restaurant in NL and until now i have found only one that is "Dosa" in Amsterdam, and reviews are not that good !

You recommend this one? Then i got to plan a visit to your current city soon :)
(now i have to say current, as it's certainly won't be your city any longer)

Aledys Ver said...

They are indeed quite reasonable prices! OK, you have to put up with spelling mistakes and slow service, but hopefully, they'll read this blog and then correct those problems! :o)
Here in Zwolle we have a Touch of India too - but I don't care much for their food. There's another small family restaurant called "Gandhi", which in my very ignorant opinion is much better. (in case you ever come and want to try!) :o)

Mistress Yoda said...

hi, i am Indian and live in Eindhoven, was super excited as well! but the feedback is similar to yours, hope it gets better!

Chris said...

I find flavours of India to be better.

A Random Traveler said...

Masala dosa at 4.5 Euro! Wish all of europe had this branches..:(. Damn.

Anonymous said...


I am going there now for a take away. Hope it isn't too busy don't want to wait around.
The reason the service takes o long is because they cook EVERYTHING from scratch.

I think it is great!

Keep up the good work Sri Ganesh.

PS came across this blog because I was searching internet to see if their menu is online yet - unfortunately not :D

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