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Monday, July 19, 2010

Thanks Lopa!

Lopa from 'Life as it goes on...' had passed on an award to me about a month and half back and the lazy girl (kicking myself here) saw it now..:). Thanks thanks and many many thanks..:)
I will pick the first award: "How ya goin?"

Answering the questions to this award:

1. Why you made your blog and did you expect it to be popular?

Well, just like anyone I created my first blog to vent. The first one was a private blog which if anyone happens to see, would think I am a psychopath who hates the world! :D

This current blog I started because I always had a thing for writing. I had started the blog more for fun while living in Canada but took it up more seriously after coming to the Netherlands as I had so much new to see and digest.

Blogging is such a great way to express! I never expected anybody to read it but for a few friends and family members whom I bugged to read (it still mostly remains the same I guess)! But I must admit that as much joy and motivation it gives, it does make me conscious when I know that there are people who actually read my blog. I try to do a decent job and not crap around too much! :D

2. Exact date of the start of the blog

April 21st 2008! Wow I din't realize it has been over 2 years! :)

Thanks a lot again Lopa! :) Made my day!


Invader_stu said...


time flies when you are having fun blogging.

~ Lopa said...

Hey thanks for doing this tag ! :)

Btw can you give me link to that private blog of yours, to see that psychopath in you ;) ?? :P hehe

thamarai said...

Invader_stu Thanks! :)

Lopa, noooo! you will hate me then and not meet me..:p

Aledys Ver said...

Glad you started this blog, it's fun to read you always!!

~ Lopa said...

Come on, i won't ever :)

And yes I am back.

Droomvla said...

cute post about Lopa. :)

Rick said...


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