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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dhokla Idly

This is what a South Indian turns a Dhokla into - Dhokla idly :D

P.S - for anyone who is like W.T.H, let me try to explain a bit. Dhokla is a dish which is supposed to look like a sponge cake, but I turned into these famous southy style dish - idly..which look like small mounds.

P.S2 - sorry if you still din't get the funny side, its an Indian thing I guess.. :) 


~ Lopa said...

I am gujju, and so i was just explaining one of my colleague that Dhokla, KHaman Dhokla all are different and now you have come up with Idli Dhokla.... wah Viji wah ...Kamal ho aap :P

thamarai said...

Haha..:) Thanks Lopa! True South Indian yaar..what to do??

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