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Friday, December 6, 2013

The iPhone washer/drier survival story

Ah! the lovely surprise I gave my husband a few days back on Thanksgiving! I decided to start my day by doing some chores and promptly fished out the dirty laundry lying around. Dumped them all into the washer and began to prepare for some breakfast. breakfast, dumped the clothes into the drier, husband goes,

H: Where is my phone? Did you see it?

Me: Not really..trying calling it.

H: Hmmm..(picks up landline phone and calls his number)

Phone: tringgg...(muffled volume)

Frantic search for the phone. Horror at realizing that its is coming from the drier.

H: It went something like this -

Countless arguments on whose fault it was later, we decided it was best to focus on the phone's survival first. After frantically switching off the super hot, water filled phone and one day's worth of rest in a rice filled zip lock bag in the oven (multiple websites suggest to do so), the phone made a miraculous come back the next day. We took it to a repair shop nevertheless and changed the screen and checked it out again. $150 later the phone functions perfectly fine. All is well and life once again returned to normalcy. Phew!

NaBloPoMo December 2013

It is so hard to write in 10 minutes! It took 15 minutes for this one! 

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