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Monday, April 21, 2008

Exorcise for fitness

After successfully convincing myself that I was too busy with research work and dodging the gym and its like for several months I finally decided to make a foray into the world of fitness. Franky the fitness freaks around me cornered me into doing it.

So to motivate myself I have set a target for myself. There is a 5k run on June 19th at my University. And my aim is to run/jog/trot/walk fastly and some how complete the run decently.So today after the sun set ( I cannot absolutely risk running in the light!!!!) I geared up and fully dressed I set about to begin my training session.

9:30pm - Quietest Road on Campus

Frantically look about to check if anybody is around and sighting nobody,began. Now, on hind sight that is perhaps one of the most stupidest thing to do. a) There is mostly nobody in that street in broad day light (Lord bless Canada's population) . b) What the heck, so what if some girl is trotting in some strange manner. Okie, so I set up my timer in the mobile phone and taking a deep breath I started. I begin decently. I told myself that I shouldn't be exerting too much to begin with so jogged slowly. Slowly I started sweating, my hear was pounding and my leg muscles began aching. I pushed myself further and further. I decided not to stop till it was absolutely impossible to take one more step. I run, run, run ( jog, trot, walk rapidly) until I just can't do anymore. I was pretty pleased with myself. Ah! For someone running after err....don't know when I ran last...if running for bus, free food etc counts well, then not so long ago, I had exceeded my expectations.

9:35pm - Same Quietest Road - 200m away from starting point

I proudly wipe a bead off my forehead, take out my mobile phone and look at the timer - Damn it!!!!!!! It was barely 5 minutes since I started.:(.... And I almost had a heart attack!!! Damn it!!! I am 23...and I can hardly run for 5 minutes......I wonder how I will be 20 years from now. Hmmmmmmmm.............................

Am going to make a constant conscious effort towards my fitness.......................................:D...."when u want it the most....there's no easy way out......

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