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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Biking to Belgium

Such a glorious day today turned out to be! I simply love how you can make your own picnics here with bike routes leading everywhere. A bunch of friends from the Univ decided to bike our way to Sint Benedictus Abdij in Achel, Belgium famous for its beer..:)

With the 'mooi weer' (fine weather), we biked all the way to Belgium and nope, no border check, no nothing. We wouldn't have even realized that we had entered Belgium, if not for the message from the mobile phone service provider. After reaching the Abbey we found it to be closed! No need to worry, the beer shop was wide open! The guys were soooo into the cheap and tasty beer that we must have ended up buying around 60 bottles between the 5 of us! I was joking how we must have turned around the economy of the shop!! :D I bought something else that Belgium is famous for, chocolates! :)

Except for my knees complaining over the 35km of pedaling on my wheezing bike, everything else went perfectly well! Gezellig! :)


twopenneth said...

hahaha i was also holding part of my Paris trip forever because such a beautiful experience is so hard to put in words. I hope to finish it before the year ends though. Thanks for sharing yours, that a bit of an inspiration.

thamarai said...

I know!! I was so overwhelmed before completing it! too much to say...but go for it girl! will be waiting for yours..:)

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