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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Philips, here I come!

In 1891, Anton and Gerard Philips laid the foundation of Philips & Eindhoven and that is perhaps the biggest thing that happened here. The city was probably put into the map of the Netherlands after Philips' establishment and growth ;). The Eindhoven University of Technology, TU/e was established in 1956 to cater to the research needs of Philips. More and more industries gradually started growing around Philips and now Eindhoven has become an industrial hub of sorts.

So it is of no great surprise that several students at the university here do their projects directly at the industry and TU/e is the number one university in the world as far as university/industry tie ups are concerned.

I quite easily landed myself for a project work at Philips Research (talk about being at the right place! :D ). Not having worked anywhere else before, I was quite taken by the sheer size of the High Tech Campus (HTC), the facilities that they have and the work culture. Everything is so sophisticated. God even the canteens here are high tech! I looked like a fool the first day and stumbled across everywhere.

Everybody looks so serious to me in the office environment and people hardly have time to get to know anybody a little personally. The professional environment does scare me a little bit. University life is a little cosy, especially when you get into research. :D

Time will tell how I get through my project work. So far so good!

Best part: Free coffee machines :D and a 12km bike ride everyday!


twopenneth said...

Hey i know an Indian guy who holds a good position in Philips. Oh well, just remember, it really is a good company.. Success!

thamarai said...

Thanks!! :)

Mersha said...

hey...i love your blog.....BTW...ill be visiting Philips for a reserach prject next week..,. Hope to meet as many people as i can/.... mail me ur Id....

I dont know anyone in Eindhoven

Vikas said...

Hi ,

I found this blog while searching eindhoven, indian and philips. Are you still working at Philips high tech campus?, I am in bangalore, and I have recent got a job in philips online team, eindhoven. as of now my MVV is in process, and all goes as plan I will be there moving to eindhoven with my wife by end of jan 2011. Since I have never been to netherlands, now days searching as much information i can get about the place.


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