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Friday, June 12, 2009

The grim situation Down Under

I wouldn't want to be in Australia now, especially being a student. What began as a stray incident in Melbourne on May 24th, where 2 teenagers stabbed 4 Indians in their home (with 20 other people inside!!) has gradually turned out into what can only be called a nightmare for the Indian students. I hear reports of the so called 'curry bashing', specifically against the Indians every day now. Slowly. the students begin revealing that they have been receiving similar racial treatment from time to time but have just been afraid to speak out for fear of getting their records tainted. Since 2004, around 3 reports of violence have been made by the Indian community every week! Meanwhile the Australian Police brushed the 'remote' incidents under the carpet saying they were student fights??

Education is the third largest industry in Australia now. Indians are the second most common foreign students after the Chinese. The Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd made his sympathies clear when he stated that their economy would be hit by such negative publicity. With about 80,000 Indian students studying there, and each student being $30,000 worth, the government makes roughly $2.5 billion per year! My question then to the punks who indulge in this violence would be - " I know you have mental limitations but are you seriously brain dead?" I mean why would you go about attacking people who indirectly pay for your social benefits!! And if you have something against the Indians, then please don't let them in the country in the first place!!

With the media attention that this news has received and with the otherwise good relationship between India and Australia ( Australians are among the top five tourists in India!!), I am sure both the governments are working hard on damage control. Though soon enough I hope.

What did sadden me even more is that while the entire world condemned the cruel face of racism that Australia displayed, the Indians being the usual self criticizing and over analytical self that they are, began to question themselves. The media reported of how Indians are the worst racists possible, indulging in it with our own countrymen! Media people, I know you want to be the best news website/channel but that being true or not in no way makes the discrimination faced by Indians in a foreign country right! Most of the news channels have switched topics completely over the issue.

Whether Indians are racists or not will be a much analysed topic for some other time. Meanwhile, I am just happy that Australia got eliminated in round one of ICC World 20-20 series...:D..Serves you right!!!

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Anonymous said...

Racism should be condemned in any form no matter where it is in the world. 'Curry Bashing' in Australia is absolutely disgusting.

thamarai said...

So true! The kind of hatred that people can build up living in such a beautiful country for no major reason, is appalling!

geronimo said...

It happens everywhere on all scales. Be it ragging in colleges, or racism in countries. But you shouldn't classify the Australian team as Australia :-D Or even the attacks on Indians as Australian. Demented hormone pumped idiots are there in every country.

I wonder what the idiots who actually do this will think if the aboriginals in Australia suddenly started attacking them :)

thamarai said...

I did get a little carried away!! :) will be fun though if the aboriginals did that!!

Pinay in Dutchland said...

These punks who did those things have serious mental problem and I think there is no cure for that. I just hope that the victims will be given due justice.

thamarai said...

ya..unfortunately as you said there is really is no cure for such things!! sigh!

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