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Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama, Federer - Kodak Moments

There are things in life that affect you deeply some how, even though you may not be even remotely related to it. I have labeled these - 32 teeth baring (I have only 28!!:( ), sentimental and woosy occasions of mine as 'Kodak Moments'.

Some news that actually made me smile in the past few days -

Nummer Een - Obama's Speech in Cairo

In what has been claimed as the most historical speech made by Obama yet, the thunderous applause following his 'Assalaamu alaykum' had me in goose bumps for a while. A new beginning in the horizon?

On a lighter vein - :D

Nummer Twe - Roger Federer conquers the clay court, finally!

God! what keeps this guy going? After being beaten in the French open finals four times successively, he doggedly came back the fifth year to clinch the title. This win made him the sixth man to have won all the four grand slam events and equaled his total tally of 14 grand slam wins, with the legendary Pete Sampras. In his own words - "It's maybe my greatest victory - now and until the end of my career I can really play with my mind at peace, and no longer hear that I've never won Roland Garros ".

Picture Courtesy -, Al Watan - Saudi Arabia,


Anonymous said...

Federer is no doubt one the greats, but I do think he lucked out a bit by not having to face Nadal...

thamarai said...

Ya, I do agree on that!! But he himself had some narrow escapes even otherwise! I am just glad he made it! he of all people truly deserved it!!

geronimo said...

Luck plays a part. And thamarai, motivation for the guy is - he has won everything else :-D It was his only thorn.

But yes, I do want to see him beat Nadal on clay. :-D Federer is nice, confident, the best now at what he does and humble. I love the guy.

geronimo said...

So I was just listening to Obama's speech and he explained 'Pluribus Unum'. Funny thing is I had read those words just yesterday when Akila found a US $1 coin in her purse. And I read it aloud and wondered what it meant :-D Obama explained it to me.

thamarai said...

but he has had such close calls...Sampras was great too..but he dint win all the 4 grand slams...he has some fire in his belly!!

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