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Thursday, January 21, 2010

We can help Haiti

Reading fellow bloggers: Psss It's Efrutik's world and Life as it goes on..., I was motivated to write this post. I realized sometimes how caught up I can be in my own small world.

It has been over a week since Haiti was hit with a massive earthquake with a 7.0 on the Richter scale. The capital Port-au-Prince was all but flattened. While rescue aids pour in, much of the country is in chaos not knowing how to organize relief efforts. That much is common knowledge to most of us. I realized though that with over 72,000 people dead and millions who have lost their homes just the governments cannot do much.

I am certain each of us can contribute in some way. Let us take some time out to donate and spread the word. Checkout Efrutik's blog or this PBS link to find out more. Please make your own assessment on which organization to donate to.

Let us do our bit to help Haiti.

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EFRUTIK said...

Well done Thamarai, together we can definitely all lend a hand to Haiti!

~Lopa said...

Very noble thought Viji and for a noble cause !

It is difficult sometimes just to stay aside and be aloof !

Aledys Ver said...

Great idea to share this and spread the word!
I think the campaign was a huge success: this morning I heard on the news they'd collected 83 million euros! For a small country like Holland, that seems like an awful lot of money! I hope it helps in some way to look into the future with some hope!

thamarai said...

Efrutik, Lopa and Aledys Ver thanks a lot! And it is indeed news to me that Holland collected 83 million euros! Fantastisch!

Orangesplaash said...

Great post Thamarai..Its indeed a noble thought. Yes, I read about that too, the Dutch can be really generous when it comes to being one. Kudos!!

thamarai said...

Orangesplaash, thanks! :)

Presépio no Canal said...

Thanks for the tip, Thamarai :-) very generous of you, too :-) to spread the word.
And yes, Nederlands, I think, is the nation in the world that more contribute to that kind of organizations.
Tumbs up to Nederland! ;-)

~Lopa said...

Welcome back ! :)

Presépio no Canal said...

Go to Presepio! You have an award waiting for you!

thamarai said...

Lopaaaa! thanks a lot! :) yes I am back and still not in proper form...being very chaotic to adjust back to normal I have an exam on Monday..I will catch up with you soon! :)

Presepeio, thanks for the comment and the wonderful award!!! :) Made my day definitely!! :D

Presépio no Canal said...

Hello thamarai!

You have another award, this time with a challenge, in my blog!

Enjoy it!

Have a nice week!

~Lopa said...

Award for you..... after posting it, i see that you have already recieved it, but then now u have it twice :)

How is exam going on? And how are you now?
All the best :)

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