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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Award Time!

I came back last week from India and am still reeling with the 30 deg change in temperature, an exam and periodic confusions over whether to ride the bike towards the right lane or left lane (India follows the British way). Well what better way to be surprised than a blog award. Not one but two them!! :)

The first one is the Beautiful Blogger award given to me by Isabella from A Touch of Dutch an American expat giving valuable advice on just about everything important. Oh, you must check her photography!, Sandra from Presepio com Vista para o Canal, a Portuguese expat whose exotic blog crosses barriers of language and Lopa from Life as it goes on...a fellow Indian blogger in the Netherlands, who in the recent past has turned into a buddy of sorts..:). Thanks a lot girls! It means so much for me to receive these awards.

As per the rules here goes a list of the 7 beautiful things around me:

1. My friends! Thanks for just being there.
2. Supervisors. Believe me when I say they make your life at least 100% better..:)
3. The Netherlands. Travel, nature, people, culture...Sooper!
4. My royal stooge - my bike. It takes me everywhere even in the darn snow. I must oil the beauty this weekend as a surprise!
5. At this moment, my Dutch teacher who let me write the exam today as I misses it while in India. I passed!
6. Free time - I have done atleast 5 new things in the past year. Things I wanted to do for a long long time.
7. Blogging! Am loving it...:)

Most bloggers I read have already received this award, hence I pass it on to one othe - Efrutik at Psss It's Efrutik's world! a relatively new blogger with great posts on her blog.

The second award, Just Read it, I received was from Presepio com Vista para o Canal. Thank you again Sandra!

Many many thanks to Isabella, Sandra and Lopa once again.


~Lopa said...

Finally here you are .... :)
Short sweet and precise, that's what i will call that list :)

I can imagine the climate difference, While we came back from vacation it was from 13 degrees to -4 degrees 17 degrees difference and i know how we felt. So i truly understand the effect of coming back here in winter month from India :)

All the best with the exmas :)

A Touch of Dutch said...

Thank you for doing this too! I stopped by yesterday to take a peek but had unfortunately no time to comment until now. It's interesting how my bicycle too has become as important to me as my former car once was. Keep on blogging & have a great week :-)

Orangesplaash said...

Glad to see you back..Your Indian trip has made me a little jealous :) Congrats on the blog awards..Keep up the good work.

Pres├ępio no Canal said...

Hello Thamarai ;-)

Just to wish you a good weekend!

Congrats! You deserve!

EFRUTIK said...

Dearest Thamari, first of all Congratulations!!!!!! Second of all I am extremely humbled by your kindness of awarding me with this fabulous award. Thank you so much I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

I will definitely also blog about it once I am feeling a tad better. These days it has been a little tough for me.

Also we are sort of surviving a "winter snow blizzard" where I live and it is completely lifeless and quiet. Although, I must say that it is marvelously beautiful outside :)

Once again dankje vriendin, spreek je later:)

Doei !

thamarai said...

Lopa, Thanks! the exams went ok. I passed.:) I am much better now. I just wish it doesnt snow much from now..

Isabella, thanks again for the award. I definitely hope you keep your bike in a better shape than me. :)

Orangesplaash, congratulations to you too for your wonderful blog. I will be visiting it more often now.

Presepio, thanks again. I am honored.

Efrutik, I hope things feel much better soon. Take care. You deserve the award and I look forward to reading more on your blog.

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