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Monday, September 19, 2011

Menu Plan Mondays - September Week 3

It takes a LOT of my time to think what I should be cooking than actually cooking food everyday. And its not even like I have a family of 6 people with complicated agendas, its just 2 people with pretty fixed schedules. So for the past two weeks I have been trying out a weekly routine to actually write down a weekly menu plan, shop accordingly and stick to this plan as much as I can.

Taking it even one step further, I think joining I'm an Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Mondays gives a bit more inspiration!? Hoping so. Once again thanks to Mub for initiating me to these weekly blog activities all over!

So here goes my weekly plan:

Monday - 
Breakfast: Sabudana kitchdi (after a serious mess up the first time I tried it, it turned into a big joke and made rounds among my friends for a looong time...:(, way to start a Monday! :D)
Lunch: Roti + Aloo sabzi
Dinner: Spring onions, moong daal + Cabbage sabzi + rice
Snack: Banana Bread

Tuesday - 
Breakfast: Pesarattu + coconut chutney
Lunch: Roti + daal
Dinner: Cocunut brocolli stew + Kovakkai sabzi + rice
Snack: Channa dal sundal

Wednesday - 
Breakfast: Sooji rava upma
Lunch: Veggie burgers
Dinner: Bisibelabath + Raita
Snack: Mini Pita Pizza

Thursday - 
Breakfast: Pesarattu + tomato chutney
Lunch: Bisibelabath
Dinner: Rajma + gobi paratha
Snack: Tofu Tikki

Friday - 
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs
Lunch: Rajma + Roti
Dinner: Spinach Tofu + rice
Snack:  Veggie Cutlet


Hima said...

Woww!!! You are quiet a motivated cook. And your husband is very lucky :)

thamarai said...

Oye Hima! ellam theroy daan...practicals la fail..:D

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