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Monday, September 26, 2011

Friday Fragments - 23rd Sep

Okie, I am cheating. Its Monday already, but what the heck! I am still doing this.

---) The biggest highlight of this week has been that the drip-drip annoyance which has been lingering on and off on our bathroom tub for almost 4 months has been finally repaired and I felt oh so very blissful about it.

---) The libraries here are just great. There is some free event to take part in every other week. Attended a free Yoga class for beginners. Was OK. At parts where you are asked to meditate, I was plain sleepy.                      

---) Saw this incredible Iranian movie called "The Color of Paradise". From the director of "Children of Heaven". Some movies make you think of them and the meaning behind them long after you have finished watching. This is on of those rare jewels. Its a slow movie though, takes time to settle into your system.

---) It is strange how I have gotten to know few of my relatives after coming to the US, some of whom I have never met back home. An uncle, aunt and two of my cousins on their vacation to the US. Met them at their hotel, was good fun. :)

Thanks to "Half - Past Kissin' Time" for hosting the Friday Fragments. Click the button  below to join!

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